The District challenges you to complete as many challenges out of the 100 as you can/want. There are 4 staged badges you are able to earn, depending on the amount of challenges you complete and you will receive the bottom piece for participating.

Bronze: 25

Silver: 50

Gold: 75

Platinum: 100


You will be required to send photo/video proof of challenge, or where heights or number of objects are mentioned to your section leader. This is so they can keep a record of how many challenges you have done.


Some tasks have links to show how the task may be carried out but this is not to say you have to do them that way.


If you have any questions on tasks or are struggling to find ways to do them, please don’t hesitate to message for some advice.


And now….

May the odds be ever in your favour.


Good luck or as they say in the arts, break a leg (but not literally!)


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